瀏覽完整版本 : [TOOL] UMT - GoldCard, Sim Unlock, S-OFF, Auto-Downgrade, Auto-Radio Flash

07-23-2011, 07:20 AM
[2012/02/17 更新]

1.flash radio -- 工具採用線上Download和安裝.一氣呵成。
如有勾選RIL選項.於刷過radio後重新啟動進入recovery模式 自行再刷RIL(RIL會自動下載於SD卡中):)
2.Greate GoldCard -- 簡便的提取SD CID並已轉換過.也提供網頁連結申請goldcard.img.待收到mail後.選擇 goldcard.img路徑執行製作.亦一氣呵成!省略了HxD程序步驟.極為簡便.
3.Install Android SDK -- ................


要 求:

Make sure you have .NET Framework 4.0 installed
If you have UMT 1.x.x, please uninstall first and Remove folder "Ultimate Multi Tool" in "Program Files" folder

- Auto Update-Tool
- Android SDK installation (with auto-update PATH variable)
- GoldCard Tool
- Check your getprop
- Install HBOOT drivers
- Radio S-OFF
- Reboot Mode
- Flash Recovery
- Auto Flash Radio Capability (All radios are sotcked in a private server) Compatibility "Desire, Desire HD & Incredible S"
- SIM UnLock
- Change CID
- Set Super CID
- Install APK Packages
- Auto Detection Capability
- Auto Downgrade Capability
- Auto Logging for debug

檔案下載:ultimate-multi-tool_2.5.0 (http://cloudbox.hinet.net/_oops/nenebear59/ncp)

原 帖:Here (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1180639)


07-24-2011, 08:52 PM
[07/24 更新]

Release 1.2.15
--Fix Error on Update 1.2.14

Release 1.2.14
--Fix with MIUI ROM

Release 1.2.13
-Checking if rooted device when root is required for action

Release 1.2.12
-Update "About" Form
-Added "Disable Boot Sound"

Release 1.2.11
-Added Help (French only). English Help coming soon...

Release 1.2.10
-GoldCard : Fix Message Error when no drive selected

07-26-2011, 12:14 AM


Release 1.3.0
-Add shortcut to install: visionary+, superuser, GingerBreak, ROM Manager

Release 1.2.16
-Fix Error on menu "About"


07-26-2011, 09:09 PM
07/31 更新

Release 1.5.2
-Adding a confirmation message when ROM Cleaner is complete
-Complete translate in ROM Cleaner

Release 1.5.1
-Fix Minors bugs

Release 1.5.0
-Add a ROM Cleaner

Release 1.4.8
-Translation modified
-Fix problem on Downgrade Download

Release 1.4.7
-Fix problems with PATH (all languages)

Release 1.4.6
-"Install APK", "About" are translated in English
-Fix Translation of "Properties of device" when device isn't connected
-"Install APK" The root of Dialog FileName is now Default Windows

Release 1.4.5
-Added Titanium Backup Installation Shortcut

Release 1.4.4
-Refresh RIL & Radio on start Radio Installer
-Fix Minors bugs

Release 1.4.3
-First scan to range is now: FBB00000 -end FFFFFFFF to Downgrade Gingerbread & Temproot Gingerbread.

Release 1.4.2
-Fix "null CID" in actions "Verify CID/SIM/S-OFF"

Release 1.4.1
-Routine fre3vo: Adding Range E0000000 to EFFFFFFF

Release 1.4.0
-Fix GoldCardTool (issue of incorrect CID)
-Add MD5 Checking in Radio Installer

Release 1.3.4
-Fix Disabled menus when Temproot

Release 1.3.3
-Added menu "Check S-OFF/CID/SIM Unlock" in "File" menu
-Added menu "temproot (gingerbread only)" in "Actions" menu
-Now, Downgrade with Gingerbread use fre3vo method

Release 1.3.2
-HBOOT Driver installation: now, need confirmation
-Delete HTC IQ agent: now reboot device when finished
-Fix Flash HBOOT
-Fix with RCMiX ROM (ro.product.name = htc_desirehd)

Release 1.3.1
-Added Downgrade 2.37+, using fre3vo (Thanks CuBz90)
Link to original thread:

08-01-2011, 08:32 AM
09/03 更新

Release 2.5.0

Release 2.4.0 to 2.4.6
-This update is necessary to update 2.5.0!
-Fix bug Startup since 2.4.2 update
-Update Titanium Backup
-Update ROM Manager
-UMT turn now on Unique Instance

Release 2.3.0 to 2.3.10
-Added External program to MD5 Checksum with Explorer
-Fix MD5 Checksum
-Added Shell Explorer "UMT MD5 Checksum"
-Remove button to check MD5. Automatically checksum MD5 when file loaded
-Added new function "MD5 Checksum"
-Fix MD5 Message Failed when Downgrade Desire Z devices
-Enable Flash Radio for all HTC Vision (G2 & Desire Z)
-Temproot Gingerbread install Superuser & TitaniumBackup
-Possible to clean Debug Log

Release 2.2.0 to 2.2.6
-Flash Radio enable for HTC Desire Z & G2 (Vision) devices
-HTC Desire S is now recognized
-Flash HBOOT & S-OFF function activated for Desire Z & T-Mobile G2
-For Desire Z only: To S-OFF device, function has moved to "Flash HBOOT (ENG S-OFF)"
-HTC Desire Z (Vision) function S-OFF enabled. This function flash HBOOT and recovery. Only Vision Europe (don't use if you have G2)

Release 2.1.0 to 2.1.18
-Added language "persian" (Thanks ocz_ocz_ocz)
-Temproot HTC Desire Z (Vision) is now available
-Fix Downgrade HTC Desire Z (Vision)
-Fix and update code of Temproot Gingerbread
-When downgrade fails, retry once UMT
-HTC Desire Z (vision) Downgrade 2.x enabled
-Disable Flash HBOOT Desire Z (vision). Will enable in future...
-Downgrade for "HTC Desire Z" (vision) is now possible
-Fix HBOOT for Desire devices
-Flash HBOOT is now possible on HTC Desire (bravo). HBOOT image is the Alpharev HBOOT (bravo_alphaspl.img)
-Fix List of directories ROM Clean
-Fix Anchor ROM Clean
-Modifying ROM Clean: You can choose directory where APK are added in CWM ROM
-Fix Error when you start and close "ROM Clean" immediatly
-Added German Language (Thanks hoppkins)
-Added Spanish Language (Thanks wyattcold)
-Fix S-OFF in "Restauration SFR" (French Only)
-Update code "Restauration SFR" (French only)
-Now, all Window start on Top Left
-Remove "adb restart routine" when closing window in UMT
-Update Languages Files (Russian & English) Thanks abZorber

Release 2.0.0 to 2.0.22
-When bootanimation finished, UMT Status change correctly
-Fix Languages Error
-Fix Error on Start bootanimation
-Added "Change Bootanimation" function
-Enable Slashscreen Changer for "Desire" and "Desire Z"
-Add Close Action in Debug Log
-Disable button when Splachscreen started
-Added function "Change Splashscreen"
-Minors Changes graphicals
-Added differents devices recognition
-Added HTC Sensation compatibility in Flash Radio
-Added functions for HTC Desire Z devices
-Added confirm box on "Install APK"
-Add "Waiting Device" when PD98IMG.zip is already download to fix Downgrade
-The language change is no longer restart the application
-The language list is now displayed
-Fix Police size in window About
-Hide Popup when language changed
-Fix Exception error when GoldCard opening
-Fix translation GoldCard

Release 2.0.6
-Minors changes

Release 2.0.5
-Added confirm box on "Install APK"
-Minors Changes

Release 2.0.4
-Add "Waiting Device" when PD98IMG.zip is already download to fix Downgrade

Release 2.0.3
-The language change is no longer restart the application

Release 2.0.2
-The language list is now displayed
-Fix Police size in window About

Release 2.0.1
-Hide Popup when language changed
-Fix Exception error when GoldCard opening
-Fix translation GoldCard

Release 2.0.0
-New Version (Initial Release)

Release 1.6.1
-Optimize Code

Release 1.6.0
-Modifying Code in Temproot (Gingerbread)

Release 1.5.15
-When exit, the window auto-close in 5 seconds (10 seconds previous version)

Release 1.5.14
-Remove useless scan fre3vo

Release 1.5.13
-Minor Update

Release 1.5.12
-Now check updates first
-Added shortcut to ROM Cleaner
-"ROM Cleaner" is now unique instance
-"Debug Log" is now unique instance
-"Install Android SDK" is now unique instance

Release 1.5.11
-You can add APK with ROM Cleaner (files will be added in /system/app/)

Release 1.5.10
-Fix Temproot Gingerbread

Release 1.5.9
-Minor update in code

Release 1.5.8
-Fix bug on verify CID/Sim Lock/S-OFF

Release 1.5.7
-Auto-Update database APK for ROM Cleaner
-Icons of ROM Cleaner deleted. Now ROM Cleaner retrieved icons from server
-Possible to maximize UMT window
-Possible to maximize ROM Cleaner
-When UMT close, the window "Thanks to use" auto-close in 5 seconds
-Update Database APK presents in ROM (24 ROMS Customs checked)

Release 1.5.6
-Update Link to Help (French language)

Release 1.5.5
-Reuse Gingerbreak for 2.36/Just 2.36+ use fre3vo

Release 1.5.4
-Minor Update

Release 1.5.3
-Fix bugs minors on Downgrade